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Friday, January 7, 2011

Drawing for classical animation

12 Principals of Animations

Where to begin.....
Well... I suppose the first thng to cousider in drawing a charadter is it construction. The character must be constructed out of basic shapes. That is say   3 dimensional shapes,  
 sphere,   boxes,   and cylinders 
 Not  2 dimensional shapes

Are you able to draw the basic shapes so that they look 3 dimensional – and not 2D ?
If so.... you are ready to move on... !!!

Manipulating the basic shapes. 
You can stretch 'em ! 

Strecth Em !!

Bend 'em !! 
Twist em  !!!             Squash 'em.. !!!  
                                                                                  It's better if you have something to squash 'em
                                                                                  against ! So add and touch O shadow !
Let's practice manipulating the basic shapes.
Starting with the Ball......   
Plot of series of Arcs for it to follow 
And bounce the ball a long it !

Note :
Where the ball is Squased at the bottom of each Arch where it comes to R suddent halt upon meeting with earth. When the ball immediately pops to a strecht as it's.
Rubbery composition profels it rapidly to the top of the next arc.
This is way you should SLOW OUT
of the the tops of the cross !!

But Hold !!
Here is where gravity does it's thin forces and slows in it's assent - being pushed back to earth for another squash !

If your ball is made of rubber.  It will have elasticity, and will squash uniformly or eliptically.

(to be continued)

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