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Friday, February 4, 2011

Photoshop Tutorials : Lesson # 15: Adding text

  1. Set the foreground to the required colour for the text. (Click the Foreground square in the toolbox and select a new colour).
  2. Select the type tool (see right) from the toolbox;
  3. Click on the part of the image where the word is to be inserted;

4.  Select the font, font size, attributes and  alignment required from the Text palette.
5.    Type your text and it will appear on the picture.
6.    Click the Tick button in the Text palette to save the text..
7.    Save the document.
Moving text
Press the command key and use the Move tool to drag the text to new position.
Deleting text
1.    The text is added as a Layer. To delete the text, click the Layer containing the text from the Layers palette and choose Delete Layer from the Layer menu, or drag the unwanted layer to the Layers palette bin.

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