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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Photoshop Tutorials : Lesson # 19: Storage media

The digital images you capture can be stored on the camera memory cards or on your computer hard disc.
Once you begin building-up a library of digital images, and you want to be able to take them to bureaux or other computers, then removable storage media is required.

Digital images also take up a lot of space so you need to keep your computer hard disc fairly free for Photoshop to work best. (Photoshop requires lots of empty hard disc space to utilise as temporary storage called “scratch disc space.”)
The Computing Service leaflet G81 Floppy Discs and Other Removable Storage Media describes the different storage media available today. This leaflet is available from the Computing Service (second floor, Cockcroft
Building, New Museums Site, Pembroke Street) or on the web at:
Briefly, the storage mechanisms are:
  1. CD: equip your computer with a CD recorder (most computers only have CD readers) and record your own CDs.  CD-recording software often includes ability to create mini-picture catalogue for CD box front cover.
  2. DVD: similar to CD but with higher capacity. Requires DVD recorder but can be read in ordinary CD drive.
  3. External hard drive: can be plugged into other computers provided cable and software driver is compatible.
  4. Zip disc: cheap and most modern Macs and PCs have zip drives.
  5. Tape cartridge: recommended for archival purposes only, not for editing. Requires tape drive.
Zip and CD are currently the most popular longterm storage methods.

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