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Monday, January 31, 2011

Photoshop Tutorials : Lesson # 4: Image size and shape

It is easy in Photoshop to discover the file size, image dimensions and shape of a given file.
The information bar
 1. This is found at the lower left of the image;
2. The document size is show in kilobytes;
3. The left number indicates the file size when closed or sent to the printer. The right number indicates the file size when open. The numbers may be different because Photoshop compresses the layers when files are either closed or printed.

Previewing the page size
1. Place the pointer on the image size box in the lower left corner of the information bar;
2. Press the mouse button to see the Page Preview box.
The inner rectangle with an X through it indicates the image’s dimensions while  the outer rectangle indicates the paper size.

Previewing the image size
1. Position the pointer on the information bar;
2. Hold down the ALT or OPTION key and press the mouse button to see the height, width,  number of channels and resolution.
The box may also show the number of channels and resolution.

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