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Monday, January 31, 2011

Photoshop Tutorials : Lesson # 5: Zooming in and out

Zooming in gives a close up, enlarged view of the document, enabling fine adjustments to be made.
Zooming out gives a reduced, fit-on-screen view of the document.

What is the current view?
1. The title bar (area above the document where the document name is shown, eg Cafe below) lists the current view.  So does the bottom lefthand corner of document.
A 1:1 (100%) view is lifesize, 1:2 (50%) is halfsize and 2:1 (200%) is twice lifesize.

Zooming in
1. Click the zoom tool from toolbox;
2. Position the pointer on the centre of the image;
3. Click one or more times to zoom in on the image.
NB The Navigator palette may also be used, moving the slider to obtain the desired effect.

Zooming out
1. With the zoom tool selected, hold down the option key and click the pointer in
the centre of the image one or more times.

Getting back to a 1:1 view
1. Double-click the zoom tool in the toolbox.

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