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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Photoshop Tutorials : Lesson # 9: Duplicating irregular shaped elements

Because the rubber stamp tool picks up whatever areas it runs over, you can also use it to duplicate irregularly shaped elements in a document. Regular (square or round) objects can be selected with the selection tools

1. Select the rubber stamp tool (see right) or press S on the keyboard.

The image above shows the new leaf (right) appearing as the rubber stamp tool is used to duplicate the original leaf (left).

2. Zoom in to a 2:1 view or larger;
3. Choose a large brush from Window > Brushes  and click OK;
4. Position the pointer on one edge of the element and option-click;
5. Move the pointer to where the duplicated element is to appear;
6. Begin dragging the mouse. Trace the crosshair  around the edge of the element while the rubber stamp tool which has appeared moves in synchronised manner in the new position to create a duplicate image;
7. Release the mouse button at the end;
8. Use the Eraser tool (with) Alt key held down to restore original background  

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