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Monday, January 31, 2011

Photoshop Tutorials : Lesson # 8: Retouching colour

Always work with two windows of the image open when retouching - a close up view for retouching, and an overall view for seeing the efects as they are applied.

  1. Drag the image by its title bar to one side of the screen;
  2. Choose Window > Documents > New Window;
  3. Select the zoom tool (see right) from the toolbox (or press Z on the keyboard);
  4. In the second view, zoom into the part for retouching;
  5. Resize both views if necessary: the zoomed-in view is for working, the zoomed-out view gives you the overall perspective.

  1. Select the rubber stamp tool from the toolbox (see right) or press S on the  keyboard;
  2. Click the Aligned tickbox in the clone tool palette (top of screen) 
  3. Click the Brushes tab in clone tool palette and choose brush size. 
  4. Working on the zoomed in view, position the pointer on the area from where the colour is to be picked up;
  5. Option-click the chosen point to set it as the sample;
  6. Move the pointer to the area for retouching and begin dragging the mouse to change the image; As you move the mouse, see how the image which appears reflects exactly where the crosshair is on the screen;
  7. Repeat the sampling if you need to change your pickup point and keep your eye on the overall view. When you are happy that it looks realistic, stop using the rubber tool;
  8. Close the zoomed-in view and save the document.

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