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Friday, February 18, 2011

Windows Vista/Seven Speed Secret #19: Disable Unused Services

Services are background processes which keep running waiting for a response, so if you don’t use the application it still runs and slows PC speed.
The average user doesn’t need many running.
1. Click the Start button
2.  Type msconfig in the Start Search box, hit enter
3. Click the Services tab
4. Uncheck the unneeded startup items (examples below)

Desktop Window Manager Session Manager - Provides Desktop Window Manager startup and maintenance services. Uncheck to disable.

Diagnostic Policy Service - Enables problem detection, troubleshooting and resolution for Windows components. Uncheck to disable.

Diagnostic Service Host - Same as above
Diagnostic System Host - Same as above

Offline Files - The Offline Files service performs maintenance activities on the Offline Files cache. Uncheck to disable.

Terminal Services - Allows users to connect interactively to a remote computer. Remote Desktop and Terminal Server depend on this service. If you don’t use either of these, then you can disable the service. Uncheck to disable.

Windows Error Reporting Service - Allows errors to be reported when programs stop working or responding and allows existing solutions to be delivered. Uncheck to disable.

After you are finished, click Apply then click OK to save changes.

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